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Recovery of Some amount against service provide. Recovery of Some amount against service provide.

5 years ago

I have done some legal work of a chartered accountants through a intermediary. I have no direct link with CA. One of my own well known intermediary ask me to do the work,and he said that I will provide your professional income plus expenses you born on our behalf. I am taking responsibility of that but you will not contact with CA. First year in 2015 he provide me work and after work completed by me he provided my professional fees plus expenses born by me. But on second year 2016. He hold my professional fees plus expenses born by me on their behalf. He's not picking my my calls, not replying WhatsApp,mails. He's also not contacting to that CA. He also said that if I directly contact the CA, then he will not be responsible for any loss of fees and expenses reimbursement. Kindly suggest me how to recover my professional fees all expenses amount born.

Kishan Dutt Kalaskar

Responded 5 years ago

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A.Get issue a legal notice and file a case. You will succeed.

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