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Q.Rent realted
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Q. Rent realted

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posted 11 months ago

No rent agreement ..pagdee system. Since in 1955.. landlord is millionaire.. current date no issues... But in future can he create any giving receipt every year.. without any problem... Rent is minimum... 2000/- year..I'm from delhi
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A. He cannot evict you illegally from the property , in case he does so you can approach the court for injunction & wrongful eviction

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Junaid Ali Khan

Experience: 2 Year(s)

Responded 7 months ago

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A. Dear Sir,
If he makes any demand for higher rent or vacating the same then approach the Court by filing suit for permanent injunction. It will goes for 3-4 years. He has to get issue a legal notice and put the case against you.

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Replied 11 months ago

Hello sir, as the shop receipt comes in my father and uncles name.. my father is no longer since 2012 . He is no more... And uncle has left the shop in my name ... family aggrement . And we get the receipt still in there names. .is it fine.. the shop is acquired by our father since 1955

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