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Q.Electricity poles issue
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Q. Electricity poles issue

there were electricity poles in our land so we want to build a house on that land so we request the electricity board to remove the poles from our by rerouting the line and we paid the estimated amount for that. now work for rerouting of wires were going on but some people are stopping the electricity board workers to work. saying they will not allow passing the electrical wires from the front of there houses. I want to know can they stop electricity board workers. how can I solve this matter
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A. Dear Sir,
The people cannot stop the Electricity people have absolute right under Indian Electricity Act.

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A. Dear,

No. The people around your property area cannot stop the electricity department workers from removing the electricity poles as the electricity board itself ordered for removing the poles. Take the help of the police in handling the people who are obstructing the work. If the police don't help, approach the jurisdictional civil court and file a permanent injunction suit to restrict the people near by your area from obstructing the work. In the suit, make all the persons party who are obstructing the work and get restraining orders against them.

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Advocate B. Srikiran

Experience: 10 Year(s)

Responded 11 months ago

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A. No they can't stop the work. The work should continue unless they have court orders.

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Nirmal Chopra

Experience: 20 Year(s)

Responded 11 months ago

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A. Obstructing the shifting of electric poles is illegal.Both the electricity department and u take the help of police for execution of work.Electrict department is bound to shift pole from your land.

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Ved prakash Shaw

Experience: 38 Year(s)

Responded 11 months ago

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