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Q. Mutual Divorce

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posted 9 months ago

Dear Sir,
Good afternoon...
I'm very much in need of a legal advice regarding my child's custody after separation and divorce... some important referral I would share with you...
1. We agreed to a mutual divorce as my wife is unhappy with us and me too. This is because of some idiological differences between us...
2. Before marriage, we both agreed to certain points one of which is that primarily she will be a home maker...on such she left her job she was holding before marriage...
3. But few months after the marriage, she started screaming about the issue of getting a job...
4. The issue is that she ignores almost all the domestic responsibilities which includes the child too...
5. Since last few months, we stays apart and she stays at a place where she got a job in a school.
6. We are three in our family me, my father and my child, whereas my mother has expired in the recent past. Due to such complicacies we have decided to stay apart...and go mutual divorce...
7. Now she suddenly demanding for the custody of the child whereas she was with me since our separation.
8. Importantly, my child is with me and studying in class III and is attending her school regularly. Now, If her mother take her custody, she might loose a year... which might be a disgusting matter for my child's point of view...
Please suggest...
With Regards
Joydeep Gupta
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A. court is always in its opinion the interest of the child, since the custody of the child is with you since separation and is in your interest. . for details, pl. contact some advocate through

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Rajender Prasad

Experience: 5 Year(s)

Responded 5 months ago

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A. you need to prove that the child was with you since seperation. Then the age factor will come into account since the child reads in class 3 in that case the age of the child must be over 4 years apparently in such case the matter of custody will be contested.

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Responded 8 months ago

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A. 1. बच्चे की क्या उम्र है
2. शादी को कितने साल हुए हैं
3. आप दोनों किस वजह से तलाक चाह रहे हो
4. आप दोनो की तलाक लेने की मुख्य वजह क्या है
5. क्या आप दोनों को किसी वरिष्ठ द्वारा समझाने का प्रयास किया गया है
6. क्या आप दोनों के बीच एमओयू तैयार हुआ है जिसके माध्यम से आप दोनों म्यूच्यूअल डिवोर्स ले सकते हो

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Responded 9 months ago

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