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Q.Loans and bills after the demise of husband
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Q. Loans and bills after the demise of husband

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Vritika Vats

posted 11 months ago

My husband died few days back after his death i came to know he has taken few personal loans and there are few credit cards bills too solely in his name. He died suddenly only in at a age of 35 he was the only earning member. He has not left any property. Is i am liable to pay his debts. As i am not working and have a 5 yrs old kid to take care of and his old parents with medical histories. Kindly help.
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A. 1.For the loans you are liable only if you have signed as co applicant and also please check if any insurance is attached to the loan.
2. The credit cards are coming with personal insurance and in any case of death you need not to pay single peny. if you are getting any call speak to the bank concerned and report to police for harassment.

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Vimlesh Mishra

Experience: 26 Year(s)

Responded 11 months ago

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A. Dear Madam,
You will be saved on the basis of SC judgment. Share your details through this website administration.

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A. no you are not liable to pay. Unless you have been a guarantor or a co applicant for the loans taken.

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Experience: 5 Year(s)

Responded 11 months ago

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