Q. Maternity Leave and Pay in Private Sector

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posted 1 year ago

Q.Maternity Leave and Pay in Private Sector
Hi. I've been in this company for over two years now. Got pregnant on December 2017 and my due date is on September 04, 2018. My ESI coverage was only till February 2018 (15k gross salary) since I got higher post with salary increment (21,820 gross salary). I came to know that I can claim ESI full pay- which is 15K (ESI coverage period salary) for the complete 6 months of maternity leave. Whereas I also came to know that I can ask my company for the complete payment of my current pay - which my HR denies. What can I do on this? Can I claim the rest of the gross salary (21,820-15,000 = 6820 Rs) from my company? Or will my ESI coverage get cancelled and I should go forward claiming my full salary from company alone for 6 months?

My HR also says that if my ESI coverage gets cancelled, they can even cut my maternity leave to 3 months or accordingly and not pay me/pay me just basic salary for just 3 months of approved leave. Kindly advise.

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Vimlesh Mishra

Experience: 26 Year(s)

Responded 1 year ago

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A. ) if you are covered under ESIC then the salary for the period will be paid by ESIC along with the medical care.

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Replied 1 year ago

I do have ESIC coverage, but my doubt is that my last payment to ESIC was when my salary was 15,000.00 Now am receiving a total of 21,820.00 as salary. As per my understanding ESIC will provide only the complete salary of 15,000.00. But from what I checked with other officers I can ask for my complete current payment.

Is it possible for me to ask ESIC for 21k payment. Or should I go ahead and ask my company?

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