Q. working as IR legal or illegal

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posted 1 year ago

Q.working as IR legal or illegal
Dear Team,
I have recently joined a project in which I have to work as independent representative for qnet company.I wanted to clarify that is it illegal or unethical to join qnet as independent representative or IR or get into direct selling or multilevel marketing in qnet.There is a lot of stuff on internet regarding d same.Has court declared it il legal or unethical.

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Abhimanyu Shandilya

Experience: 14 Year(s)

Responded 1 year ago

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A. ) It is illegal and you will land into a severe problem later on. I hope you know that Boman Irani son was questiones and fined on similar thing. Abstain yourself.
If you have doubt then you can discuss with me after fixing an appointment through Vidhikarya. Call their tollfree no.for that.

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