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Business startup requirements. Business startup requirements.

2 years ago

greetings. i am writing on behalf of my mom and i. i was born in 1995. my dad is right hand side paralysed (more than a year now) but after much hard work and caring of my mom, he is able to walk a bit and speak a bit and move his hand a bit. but he is mentally very disturbed and aggressive and stubborn and very much disturbing, worst than a little kid. due to his words and activities, we are now under debt of rent and other medical debts. he doesn't care about anything but his personal needs alone. mom is also suffering with asthama and arthiritis and teeth pain also. nowadays, her asthama and arthiritis gets severe sometimes. after taking mdicines, it gets controlled.
i am 3 siblings. after me, two sisters, one is married and with her family, youngest sister is studying in a college in a hostel, with some scholorship but still some money needs to be sent to her monthly.
we are living on rent, my dad left over his house and land to his brothers and relatives before 1990 and there is nothing with him till today.
my mom and i want to start our business of tea, dry fruits & electronics-gadgets-mobile accessories etc. it is important to disclose that my girlfriend is a russian citizen and she's studying and her parents know me. she will turn 18 next year and wants to marry me next year. i want to start this business in india (perhaps on my mom's name, as per suggestion of a lawyer) and sell products in india via offline & online ecommrce portals and also sell in russia. my mom and i want to start it and after making some savings, i will go to russia and mom will export to me the products of her (or my) company and there, i want to establish a company and start selling imported products. (my future mom in law wants to give me her garden and house present in that garden which also has all sorts of materials required to live, and also a flat that she wants to give for her daughter and me. my parents also know about her family. we are acquainted for more than 12 months now and we are now a family and keep in touch daily. we lost all our savings in dad's treatment and various kinds of his needs and demands, so much that now we are under debts of 50k +, fortunately our house owner is very kind and understands our painful situation. i was working as a teacher in a private icse curriculum based school but with a little sal, of 9k, i resigned last september and came to parents home, because they were alone and my dad is torturing much to my mom, as he is not able to realise good and bad. all that he cares about is his food and medicines, even if mom is coughing too much and has body ache, nothing matters, he acts very unhuman and more like a mad or an animal. even, he asks us to eat roti and chatni but give him roti and sabji, with green veggies must, even when there's no money to buy medicines for mom. i am very much more offended by his inhuman behaviour with my mom and wants to send him to his relatives or an old age home. i cannot write all the things that he is doing against my mom and i and my little sister. kindly give me suggestions. i came to learn through some youtube videos that if my mom and i will start a company on her name, hopefully her new business can get good amount of business loan with subsidy and longer tenure, if possible. i humbly request our dear team of lawyers to kindly consider situation of my parents and little sister and my future. kindly guide us step by step on what exactly we can do legally to be able to begin the business on her name or mine, and get some good loans or whatever you think would be better for our future you are welcome to suggest us, as i also want to request my mom & dad to come to russia and live there with me and here in india, we may appoint someone to handle packaging and exporting and online or both offline also business in india, so basically i want to take my mom there. i want to set my mom free from my dad. she doesn't complain about dad with anyone but dad always does much harm against her that i canot bear anymore. he is mentally very disturbed and causing much harm to mom and spoiling my future nd my sister's future. kindly save my mom and little sissy and i. please. once my business starts getting well in india and russia, i will definitely offer extra ordinary gifts to the lawyer and thos people who will be showing their kindness towards us. my adhaar card was obtained when i was in delhi at my maternal gparents, hrnce it has his address of delhi. my pan card was obtained when i was in bihar. nowadays, we are in bihar. my dad is basically from odisha and his father was in indian policea/army. he passed before my dad got married. but my dad left his everyhing with his relatives. now, i have nothing in this world, i can't even call myself a poor. my parents ran many schools at varios places in bihar, but my dad never thought of saving for future or for daughters' marriage or for me or buying land or house etc.

Kishan Dutt Kalaskar

Responded 2 years ago

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A.Dear Sir,
Please check for more details about the requirements in the following website.


I could have explained more if background is known to me. If background is made known in full then legal experts will be in position to understand correctly. Moreso, the background must be in brief.

Please give me FIVE STAR if satisfied by my answers.

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