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Q. making fraud and not giving service as they promissed

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posted 1 month ago

question iconmaking fraud and not giving service as they promissed

makin memories executive first tell big things like they will give 5 start hotel for stay in india and international and free gym, free movie ticket, free dinner every year till 6 yr for that they asked 1 lac rs on same day. when i pay and joined there membership they are not giving anything what they promised now no one taking call and no one replying to service given by them i tried since last 1 month but no response. they making fraud by trapping on 1 day offer. now tried for booking holiday with them they not giving any response i tried them for refund and cancel the membership then again they are not responding..making full fraud with me..plz give me solution what i can do i want my money back they are cheating if am checking his review on google i realize that they making this fraud with many people...actually they choose the way of business is wrong they choose fraud way of business. making false commitment and giving nothing..give me solution what i can do now

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Responded 1 month ago

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A.Dear client,
You can try and take them to consumer court but it will depend upon the circumstances. If they concretely promised to give you all those things and provided some sort of document or legal promise that they would provide you with all those things then your claim may invoke legal action. However, if they kept exaggerating such offers in the name of increasing sales and did not provide any such guarantee then it will depend. For the time being, you can try and take them to consumer court. If there are a lot of such victims to their fraud then you all may collectively file a case against them.
Thank you.

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