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Q. i got an sms on my mothers number staing pwdva appln

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posted 1 month ago

question iconi got an sms on my mothers number staing pwdva appln

i got an SMS on my mothers number sating pwdva appln, his surname and my fathers name , first hearing on 13th Nov and 2nd hearing msg after 1 min on 22nd Jan 2022,but i haven't received any notice or any call it was just a msg from a portal, when i googled up it stated, my husbands mother has done domestic violence case against me ,my mom and dad, with sections 12,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23 , so what is this all about ? and what's the conclusion as i don't want to get into any court case, i tried contacting them in all the possible ways, but they are not reverting back , to calls, they don't open the door when i go to their place, please help me with a solution , as my parents are old , and i am the only earning member in the famil

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Responded 1 month ago

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A.Dear client,
it is recommended for you to hire a lawyer as those sections of the act does not confer with the offences or their relation. Note that domestic violence cases are cognizable in nature so you can not settle out of court when the case has already been filed. If the summons stage is not over then send a reply notice and approach the court to avoid an ex parte order.
Thank you

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Dear Client if the family has already received the first notice or summon from the court then what was the need to send second notice. Anyways, if the case is already filed and notice is received then the court will pass the ex parte order. For domestic violence case you need to file case separately
question iconIf wife of husband died during proceeding of domestic violence what to do
Dear Client If the wife has died during the pendency of the domestics violence case then the case will be dismissed for the reason as complainant has expired. But only the civil part of it will be dismissed but suppose the protection officer had started a criminal case against the wife then that case will go on.
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Dear Client To suggest anything I would require further details like which personal law would apply to you. Provide complete details for any kind of assistance. Thank you
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If you do not wish to stay with your husband you may ask him to divorce you by mutual consent and if he doesn't agree than you have option to file a contested divorce but please note that will invite the further legal battle of custody of your child which will not be healthy for your child at such a tender age. Another option you have is to file a maintenance petition against your husband under section 125 of the Criminal Procedure Code,1973 and claim maintenance for yourself and your child. Thank you. If you have found the answer helpful than please provide review and give ***** as appreciation.
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Dear Client In this kind of familial issues it is very difficult to sort them out purely on the basis of law but can be resolved if mutually discussed. If they do not stop and continue to carry on the nuisance behaviour then lodge a complaint with the local police.
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