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Q. Need permission for repairing of building with heavy cracks on walls and ceiling

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Raghav Kumar

posted 1 month ago

question iconNeed permission for repairing of building with heavy cracks on walls and ceiling

I live in a building which has shops at ground floor and above which three storey residence of which first floor is occupied by me and second-third floor occupied by my elder brother. The ground floor has multiple cracks on walls and ceiling, which can be cured with repairing. But my elder brother is restricting us to complete the repairing work, as there is only oral division of property. After multiple attempts to convince him, I requested Municipal Corporation to grant permission of repairing, but my elder brother filed a suit for injunction in District Civil Court to restrict Municipal Corporation from granting permission. Now, how can I get permission of repairing from Civil Court ? (as my present lawyer is saying Civil Court can't grant permission of repairing). Under which head of law, permission can be taken from Civil Court by presenting Threat of Life to us and nearby people if building got collapsed if not repaired ?

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Abhimanyu  Shandilya

Abhimanyu Shandilya

Responded 1 month ago

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A.Dear Client,
Did you contest the injunction suit? If yes then how come have allowed the court to pass an injunction order when your life is under danger. You should challenge that injunction order and thus you can get the permission from the municipal corporation.

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