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Q.My girlfriend divorce

Q. My girlfriend divorce

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2018-08-27 10:46:03
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2018-08-27 10:36:03
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My friend divorce case
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Hi I love a girl since 3 years and all going good and once she told her parents about me they house arrested her and call me and scold me and warns me and they marry her I even don't know phone also not allowed.And after I came to know and 2 years I struggled to forget her and suddenly she call me and told I she was not with him for even 6 months after marriage he is not good and he marry her only for her property. I and she never talk after her marriage till I know about this and he and she got separated after 6 months of marriage but not divorced and he behave rude with her and he beat her and shown torture to her in that 6 months so her parents decided to take her daughter with them and they filed cases against him 1. he torture her and his family also tortured her 2. He also try to make her character bad he told she have affair with her sister husband they also filed this case no evidence for that 3. She team cases Now current situation is He applied a divorce with her but her family members thinking they trying to prove his mistakes in front of Court so they are not accepting they trying to prove he is bad (my question he applied for divorce if she accept how much time it take both to separate legally leaving her parents,can she she do anything in this) Leave her parents they are blaming her on this her sister and her mom try to dominate her .and once she got divorce we both will marry each other we r ready and don't know what to do now can anyone please suggest
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A. Ask her to speak with her husband for mutual consent divorce, which takes six months to dissolve the marriage. Once she gets divorce marry her and have a happy married life.

If her parents are forcing her not to go for divorce, she can lodge a complaint with the local police station against her parents for domestic violence. Once police interferes they will stop interfering in her life. She is adult and mature enough to take care of herself and her life.

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Responded 7 months ago

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A. It's very much helpful if are you denied all allegation made in divorce petition and just revels the court about the true story and comes on the compromise before the court for divorce

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Khansaeed Pathan

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Responded 7 months ago

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