Regarding NOC for job change Regarding NOC for job change

I am a central Govt Employee in Ministry of Telecommunication, working in Delhi. I had applied for the BPSC ( Bihar Public service commission) Assistant Professor Examination back in 2020 and did not mention about my current job while filling up the application form. I qualified the written examination and now I have the interview for the same. As per the Interview letter, NOC is supposed to be produced at the time of interview for whose who works for any other firm however I dont want want to produce any NOC at this point of time ( at the time of interview) as I dont want to avail any benefits of my last job. When I will get selected I will produce the reliving letter/resignation letter of my current job and join the new one.
Question is , will that be acceptable without breaching any legality?

Kishan Dutt Kalaskar Retired Judge

Responded 3 months ago

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A.Dear Sir,
Now you can get the NOC from your present employer and face the interview for new job otherwise you may be denied new job.

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