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Q.Spouse extra maritial affair

Q. Spouse extra maritial affair

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Deepak Kumar

posted 3 months ago

Wife had extra maritial affair when she caught she did drama excuses but finaly accepted and gave written and her vedio of acceptance for guilty to her partner and asked for chance and commited by whom or 3rd persons will not entertain in her life and live together.
For this husband gave chance and streamline their life
After 1.5 year again involvement of her parents starts and started to go out without permissions also started threats after that she did 3 4 attempts of suicide when inlaws involve police in this matter her family put the domestic voilance case now husband worried who accept after her gulity and now she put in dom.voilance anyhow that case audit by lady and finaly settle that this case is totaly fake can be grudge why police entertain by inlaws. She felt sorry.
After a week she did again jump to running car and kids cried then said i am going again husband and kids trying to find at end after 2 hrs she found.
Now her parents and sisters involvement to much that lady made their life hell.
Always giving threats and saying its my life no body can stops me her parents always favour her.
Now husband frustrated what can he do he want to file divorce her wriiten paper and vedio of acceptance physical relation and all voice recording of threats he have.
Pls suggest.
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A. Dear Sir,
Lodge complaint with police about her suicide attempts and threats and let it be on record. Secondly get DV case filed against her by your mother as it is possible now. Thirdly apply for divorce as your wife leading adulterous life and she is not entitled for alimony and child custody.

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A. Dear Mr.Deepak Kumar,
This has already been answered.
Nothing to add.
Shanti ranjan Behera

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Shanti Ranjan Behera

Experience: 22 Year(s)

Responded 3 months ago

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