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Q.Wrong product delivered / merchant unreachable / courier service reluctant
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Q. Wrong product delivered / merchant unreachable / courier service reluctant

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posted 3 months ago

Fraud Case info:

Parties involved:

product ordered (07-Feb-2019): Bose Sound Sport Free Truly Wireless Sport Headphones (Midnight Blue/Citron)
Order number: 1348620104765
product received (12-Feb-2019): i7S tws
Courier service: Delhivery
Merchant as in on delivery slip: Quetailshop
contact details of merchant as on delivery slip: 9821620168
Merchant as reported by Courier service: Pickrr Technologies
contact details of merchant as shared by Courier service:
Fraud complaint number registered with courier service: 1767314

Incident Details:

1. Following the googe ads for the product "Bose Sound Sport Free Truly Wireless Sport Headphones"( actual product reference i landed on the website I gave an order for the product on this platform on 07-Feb-2019 through Cash on Delivery payment mode.

2. A product was shipped, and i received it on 12-Feb-2019 from courier service "Delhivery", and Rs. 2999 was paid to conclude the Cash on Delivery transaction. After opening the product, i came to know that product was not "Bose Sound Sport Free Truly Wireless Sport Headphones", but something different a cheaper brand headphone.

3. I tried calling the merchant's (Quetailshop) number 9821620168 which was on the shipping label, but got to know that number does not exist.

4. I immediately called courier service "Delhivery" to report the incident, and a complaint was lodged with them (reference complaint number: 1767314). I requested them to give the merchant details, and got to know that the actual merchant's name was "pickrr technologies". They gave 3 contact numbers of the merchant (01149067978, 01141606396, 01140391545), of which 2 numbers did not exist, and on the other one i was able to connect, but, some person attended the call and replied to me that it was wrong number. I reported about this to "Delhivery", and requested them to block the payment to the merchant. But "Delhivery" negligently denied to acknowledge my request and said they cannot block payment.

5. Finally i am unable to trace the source of the fraud and to take any action. I have attached all evidence i have at my disposal with regards to the fraud. Hope justice will be served.
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A. File complaint against them immediately in consumer forum

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Rameshwar Dadhe

Experience: 2 Year(s)

Responded 3 months ago

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Experience: 1 Year(s)

Replied 3 months ago

Thanks for the reply.

I have raised complaints in these forums:

Is there anything more i can do ?


A. Dear Sir,
You have following options
Cheated in online shopping? Here is how you can get justice
Not futile to pursue online vendors who fail to deliver promised goods and services. Chitra Vittal from Bangalore wins out-of-court settlement from online vendor of cakes

Far too many of us have felt cheated by online vendors but have let it go because of the apparent futility of fighting for our rights. However, Chitra Vittal’s story tells us that it is indeed possible to win out-of-court settlements with online vendors with the help of consumer rights organizations like the International Consumer Rights Protection Council (ICRPC).
Chitra Vittal from Bangalore ordered a combo package including cake from Flowers n Cakes to India, an online florist and gift store that guarantees same day delivery and the “delivery of fresh products – always.”Flowers n Cakes to India failed to deliver the product on the specified day, and when they finally did deliver it the next day, the cake was “smashed up, made of cheap wine” and of a quality that was entirely unacceptable to the customer.
When Ms Vittal attempted to complain about the non-delivery of the product on the scheduled day, she found that the customer care numbers displayed on the website were not attended. She managed to find contact details of their Hyderabad-based sub-vendor, only to be told that they had only received their orders from Flowers n Cakes to India the morning after the scheduled date.

Five days later, Ms Vittal complained about the delayed delivery of a substandard product over a chat conversation with the company representative, Rahul, who, according to her was rude and paid no heed to her complaints.
Ms Vittal then approached Arun Saxena, President of ICRPC, which runs a consumer helpline. Mr Saxena sent an email to the vendor on behalf of Ms Vittal, informing them that they had conducted Unfair Trade Practices under Section 2 (1) (r) of the Consumer Protection Act. If the vendor did not refund the full amount to Ms Vittal and pay Rs50,000 as compensation for her losses, harassment and inconvenience, Mr Saxena said, severe action would be initiated against them, seeking higher compensation of Rs1 lakh with the legal costs.

What ensued was a series of emails exchanged among Mr Saxena, Ms Vittal and Flowers n Cakes to India, where the vendor attempted to seek refuge in its disclaimer against “unavoidable delays”. Ms Vittal felt that the vendors entirely ignored the accusation of no-response to complaints and were repeatedly rude to her. The emails reveal comments from the vendor to the tune of “If she doesn’t understand simple English language then it’s not our responsibility” and “she is the only one who we can call Fake”.
When Mr Saxena finally said that the matter was headed to consumer court and they would have to appear in person to justify their position, Flowers n Cakes to India beat a hasty retreat. With a sudden and radical change of tone, it sent a politely apologetic email to Ms Vittal, with the promise of a full refund on the same day.

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Experience: 1 Year(s)

Replied 3 months ago

Thanks for the reply sir.

So far i have raised complaints in these forums:

Is there anything more i can do ? Do i need to file a formal case in consumer court ?


A. Dear client it is a matter of fraud cheating and negligence of Product and service by the provider. You can get refund need follow steps as under.
Keep all document secure and in form of original.
Do not use that product keep as it is as you found.
Legal notice should be initiate .On your request for fee is one thousand
sun.ks5737@ send copy of document with your request to at above name gmail .
Lawyer for vidhikarya

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Found Helpful
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Sunil Kumar Singh

Experience: 17 Year(s)

Responded 3 months ago

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