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Q.Contractor not working as per the terms

Q. Contractor not working as per the terms


We gave the contract to build our house to a contractor. We got him to sign on stamp paer with proper distribution of the money and after which work will he get what amount of money.

Once the construction started, he has always asked for more money than what was written on stamp paper. He kept saying he will adjust it at later stage.

Now he is asking for more money ahead of the said schedule and we do not want to give any money now. He has stopped the construction now and saying he will.not construct anymore until we give him more money(outside of what has been written in the agreement). We have already given him more money as compared to the work he has done.

We want to get rid of him. Can I send legal notice to this contractor reporting the issue ? What are some of the things I should take care of , before that? can you please help me with the process of sending legal notice.

What else can be done in this situation. He is also saying that he has completed 65% work and hence does not owe us anything if we stop tHis association. However, ge has only completed 45% as per us and the engineer hence he owes us money.

what should I do?
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A. Sir, send him a legal notice asking him to repay the amount which he owes. Such legal notice should specify a time limit within which he must be complying. If in case he does not comply, then, you can file a suit for recovery for such amount. It is then the court who shall decide as to how much money is owed and what amount be paid or repaid.
Shreyash Mohta

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Shreyash Mohta

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A. Dear Sir,
Get issue a legal notice and file a suit for recovery of amount. You will succeed.

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