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Q.Property succession given vide Will
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Q. Property succession given vide Will

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Sudhir Jadhav

posted 3 months ago

1.My name is Sudhir Jadhav, from Mumbai.
2. my father made a registered will in 2015 jan and demised in Dec 2015 will he gave me the house and Bank deposits .
4. I have 2 elder brothers and 1 elder unmarried sister and mother.
5. father mentioned in will my mother is equally owner of house till she lives and after her death only im the full owner.
6. My father was not in good terms with both brothers as they had criminal records and my sister is visually handicapped and unable to take care of property . Mother is also very old and ill. hence father wanted me to take the charge of the property after his death.
7. Mother was agreed but my brothers who are criminal forcefully entered my father home and threatened her and told her not to cooperate with me.
8. They also forged my signature on the consent paper to Society in which my father house is there and tried to take the house with fraud. Society secretary informed me about the same.
9. They put my mother in front and she is scared and listens to them as they are criminal and have cases against them.
10. Meanwhile I have filed application for probate in the court of Bombay, they are not allowing me to live in this house of my father and threatening me that you cannot enter , we will not let you come in this house.
11. Probate is taking time, but how can I get legal relief to enter my father house and live again there. My mother is supporting them out of fear.
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A. Dear Sir,
The property shall be divided as per the terms of Will.

For full procedure contact me on mobile through Vidhikarya.
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Please visit the following link.

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A. Dear sir all legal hair having equal property rights. U can't privent them

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Rameshwar Dadhe

Experience: 2 Year(s)

Responded 3 months ago

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