Q. binu vs. greeshma

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posted 5 months ago

Q.binu vs. greeshma
False domestic violence case filed by my daughter-in-law who is suffering from schizophrenia and my son was trapped. This disorder was not disclosed by her father before marriage. Even after marriage they kept her under medicine and suppressed the disorder. They had hidden agenda to extort money by false d/v complaints. She was also kept in captivity by her father and she had called women’s helpline and PCR report is with me. Moreso, thereafter she was bundled into asylum for a month and indoctrinated. She became greedy and indulged in “lucrative d/v business”.
After the child birth the cat came out of the bag and step-by-step they indulged in “ lucrative d/v business“ [year is 2016]; by first filing a petition in CAW Cell and subsequently: (1) maintenance u/s 125 crpc (2) FIR u/s 498A IPC (3) d/v case under PWDV Act.
(1) With regard to 125 case interim maintenance was awarded by the court, even though she is admittedly working in the past and is well-qualified.
(2) With regard to 498A case Police had filed final report u/s 173 crpc. In the report there is serious false affidavit by her father with regard to marriage expenses.
(3) I filed perjury application under 340 CrPC r/w 193..... 195, with regard to d/v complaint under PWDV Act and it is yet to come up.

TO FIGHT BACK: How can I file extortion case, u/s 383/389 IPC alongwith a skeleton of application.
Can I file cheating & breach of trust case against her father in the facts and circumstances. Opinion from experts will help me a lot in planning effective fight against injustice. [by the way I am a lawyer now 70 years].

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Rameshwar Dadhe

Experience: 2 Year(s)

Responded 5 months ago

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A. ) U must have mental illness certificate. To prove it

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