Q. Salary funds not released for 9 months by HO in Mumbai

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posted 5 months ago

Q.Salary funds not released for 9 months by HO in Mumbai
I am on Bangalore payroll in a managerial role, for a corporate entity with HO in Mumbai.
I have been carrying out routine activities, but have neither been paid / committed, nor denied my salary for last 9 months.
I have been following up with CFO, for 7 months, and have also drawn attention to Director, MD and CEO.
I had been hopeful of a resolution, as I was even being verbally offered a position of higher responsibility at HO.
I had always responded in affirmative, to each one of them individually, with only pre condition being, release of 'unpaid salary', to fund relocation expenses.
I don't think I can tolerate their indecisive and insensitive approach any longer, as it is troubling me and family, both financially and mentally. i don't want to continue with them any longer.
I thought of sending them a mail outlining the traumatic experience, and requesting release, last time.
Is it advisable to send legal notice while being employed, or after resignation?
Is it advisable to indicate my intent to send legal notice and resign, in the event of inaction, by certain date?
Shall I resign without giving notice period, or wait for inaction at their end?
Basically, how would you advise me to handle
and sequence the reminder, resignation and legal notice, without giving them any opportunity to disrupt the exit documentation.

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Junaid Ali Khan

Experience: 2 Year(s)

Responded 5 months ago

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A. ) Send them a legal notice followed by your resignation.

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