Q. Advocate acting in unethical ways

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Aritra Bose

posted 8 months ago

Q.Advocate acting in unethical ways
I had approached an advocate for my late Grandfather’s property dispute relating to the recovery of my father’s share of the sale proceeds from the said property sold and money illegally retained by father’s sibling.
The sale of property was done in such a way that the entire sale proceeds went to only one of the sibling of my father. My Grandfather died intestate.
The advocate initially insisted on searching of deed and so he found the deed and also got certified copy of the deed from registrar office.
Next he told notice needs to be sent to the buyer and also to my father’s sibling and so he sent Civil notice (to buyer) and Criminal notice (to Father’s sibling) and then he again sent notice second time after no reply for first notice, however there was no reply for second notice as well.
When I asked the advocate to share the copy of the legal notices with me he didn’t and gave several excuses and assurance but till date it’s been several months I did not even see what notice has he drafted and also he did not share the tracking number of the notice letters posted.
I have been clearly telling him to send me the copy and tracking number of the notices for my reference by email but he never sent me till date and now for past 2 months he is not even responding to my repeated phone calls and nor is he calling me back.
I have made the payments in advance in all occasions whenever he used to charge fees for any service and then only he use to proceed with the work after getting the payment.
I have made all the payments through online mode to his bank account.
Now I am worried that having spent considerable amount of money on sending two types of notices both Civil and Criminal as advised by the advocate and that too sending it two times in the last six months and not getting to see what notice has he drafted and not sharing any tracking number of the letters to make sure that the notice letters are actually sent.
What shall I do in this scenario as I am already worried with my own case of my father’s property share and this advocate is now suddenly acting in unethical ways.
I got to know about the Advocate through one of the online websites.
I am situated in Karnataka and the Advocate and my father’s property is in Kolkata.
Your advice would be helpful.

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Kishan Dutt Kalaskar Retired Judge

Experience: 33 Year(s)

Responded 8 months ago

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A. ) Dear Sir,
You may lodge complaint with concerned Bar Council as per procedure prescribed by it and sometimes you have to deposit Rs. 3,000 or so and then try to chase the advocate.

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Experience: 3 Year(s)

Responded 8 months ago

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A. ) First of all pls trace the advocate and his credentials with the concerned bar association of the court he claims to be associated with. If found guilty of fraud , u can immediately lodge a complaint in the nearby police station .if police delays u can approach the magistrate in that jurisdiction.

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