Q. Family Property Problems

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posted 5 months ago

Q.Family Property Problems
I have gone to my nearest police station and talked to the I.S. officer.He said that " this is a family matter we cannot do anything tell your father to do something or tell your mom to write a letter and send to court then we can do something".I don't know what letter what to write please someone help me or suggest me what i can do now.How I can open my mom room that is locked by the step brother.
Can't we break the lock and enter in our room as it is our room he or step brother has no right to say anything.

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Sayaree Ganguly

Experience: 2 Year(s)

Responded 5 months ago

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A. ) Dear Client,
You need to say in details about the entire incident else it is difficult to give any solution regarding this.

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Replied 5 months ago

I have a step brother who hate my mom as she is her step mom . So he try many ways to hurt her but my mom always forgives him as she sees him as her own son.Now he locked my mom one flat room as he want it forcefully.But my mom don't want to give him for money problem she wants the room to give to me for making a school or teching .But when we didn't gave him the room and locked it . He told that he will take the room forcefully and he locked the room not giving the keys for that we can't open the room.What should we do now.My father mother every big in family told him to open the lock but he neglected and demanding the room by saying many false issues.

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