Q. Electricity Bill Dispute

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Lovin Saini

posted 8 months ago

Q.Electricity Bill Dispute
On Nov 2015 we have a got electricity bill of 50,000 Rs of a Month on a meter of 2 KW, which is due to Meter Jumping, also written accepted by JE, UPPCL Officer . And then for 2 years we have been moving around all UPPCL offices to solve the case but till today no resolution. We have also filed a case in consumer court but due to no judge availability or sometimes judge simply extends the date. The other party has no solid reason to show in court and case is on our side but looks like judge is also compromised.

I have been using electricity meter for 10 years at my home. But never seen a month bill greater than 1000 Rs And suddenly I got a bill of a single month is 50,000 Rs. / 6750 Units. As per UPPCL system, on meter of 2 KW max possible bill in a month can be of 3,000 Unit so the bill is divided into 3 months and sum up-to 50,000 Rs.

Now they have partially corrected the bill based on some god knows factors which is amounting to around 19000 which is still incorrect.

Kindly help, what can I do ?

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Kishan Dutt Kalaskar Retired Judge

Experience: 34 Year(s)

Responded 7 months ago

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A. ) Dear Sir,
You have to resolve the issue in a Civil Court.


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