Q. Guy cheating in the name of Relationship

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posted 5 months ago

Q.Guy cheating in the name of Relationship

I’m 35 yrs women unmarried working for private company. In dec 2017 i met one guy in Tinder he is a divorced 40 yrs working in same city. We exchanged contacts started conversations in April 2018 then met became friends and continued. One fine day after 5 months July 2018 he planned a trip and made me book hotel and we went in his car that night he forced me sexually molested mentally physically emotionally forced me to have Sex and morning when I started crying he convinced me to get married and try and continue relationship for sometime as he is recently divorced and needs sometime. We continued our relationship with few good and bad situations he always used to make me take pills to avoid pregnancy and again he planned another trip in dec and forced me to join and again forced and used me for sexual contact for 4 days. After we were back to city and I was diagnosed with some skin reaction that turned my face black he started ignoring me but relationship continued till April 2019 but I was sensing his ignorance and distancing from me I had to ask him about Marriage he as usual threatening and said will sucide if I go to his parents or tell anyone about our relationship. I couldn’t control my emotions I had to tell my family about he cheating on me my uncle called him to meet and discuss he then confessed on May 31st 2019 that he is engaged in April and doesn’t have any relationship with me I’m just his friend and nothing to do with me. I went to seek help from his family his parents abused insulted me and my family and said will pay compensation but will not get his son married to me. As I’m brutally cheated in the name of marriage and commitment and physically used emotionally and mentally threatened I’m seeking justice. We have filed FIR against him on sec 376 and 420 he was sent to jail for 10 days and he is now out on bail as his lawyer brought in the act that guy and girl are matured and it’s mutual live in on going relationship so this shouldn’t be considered as rape or cheating. He was granted bail and he is out.

In my case me and the guy were best friends and all our whatsapp chat,text were only friendly text and everything changed with the first trip we have been to on July 28th/2018 when he forced me and had physical contact without my interest and promised me to marry and made me continue the relationship till he found another women and got engaged in April/2019 and yet continued with me and has informed me in May 31st/2019 when i was asking him on our marriage.
Initial days he said he was cheated by his wife hence he got divorced as she had extra marital affair with her boss. Later while we were continuing the relationship he confessed in whatsapp text on oct 12th/2018 that he cheated his wife and he said that can be the reason for her to cheat on him and he has been cheating women since age of 21 and he cannot be committed to anyone and this is the reason he is not ready for marriage as he said he cannot trust me either but he again convinced me to continue the relationship with him also planned 2nd trip and forced me to join the trip in dec 30th 2018 to 2nd jan 2019.
In police station and 2 call recordings with my friend he confessed im just his friend no physical contact. His lawyer in court confessed its live in relationship it was consensual sex with no promise of marriage will not amount to rape or cheating this is clear enough the guy is lying from start as he said no relationship and lawyer confess mutual relationship.
I do have few exchanged text where later guy has agreed on 10th sep/2018 saying it was my mistake i shouldn't have planned the first trip especially.
Also few threatening messages from May 2nd/2019 that he has no desire to live will leave job house as i told him will go to his family. also orally he said to write an agreement that i will not come to his family property or file dowry harassment case then he will do register marriage.

His marriage date was 27th June/2019 with the engaged girl and his bail was confirmed on Jun 26th hence he is out and i'm not knowing if he is now already married or his marriage is postponed.

My only evidences are our trip bookings and our few text he agreed on saying trying the relationship, he had to walkout as relationship didn't work but he was texting calling meeting till May 31st/2019 when he was already engaged to another women in April 2019 which he had deliberately hided from me and then in frustration he texted threatening messages where he also confessed i am all yours you can do anything with me but shouldn't go to family and orally said to write some agreement on not entering his family or property or dowry case then he will do register marriage. when i said will have to speak to his family.

He now totally denies that he ever promised or committed on marriage and its mutual relationship on NO commitments which is false but i cannot prove as he always promised orally.

I need strong advice on how to fight against my case as his lawyer is senior and defending him on mutual consensual on going relationship for 1.5 years and he never promised or committed it was with no commitments and both are matured so shouldn't be

He confessed in whatsapp text about cheating his ex wife and many girls before and cannot be committed to anyone in the name of marriage.

Now his financee and his parents are supporting him saying its mutual relationship now the guy is already engaged to another girl so they will not allow him to marry me.

His lawyer is strongly saying girl only booked the first trip booking and both are matured and will not amount to rape or cheating on the basis of mutual relationship.

He has brutally cheated me now wants to marry an young girl who is supporting him and doesn't want to marry me or accept that we had any relationship on the promise of marriage. Kindly help me to fight this case.

I’m done with my 164 Statement recording in court on July 1st in presence of judge.

Please advice me on my case and how strongly i can fight and get justice.

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Shreyash Mohta

Experience: 1 Year(s)

Responded 5 months ago

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A. ) Please consult me directly and I shall help you with your problem. Looking at the length of your problem it looks like it needs proper attention and cannot be clarified or sorted in the free legal advice section.

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Kishan Dutt Kalaskar Retired Judge

Experience: 33 Year(s)

Responded 5 months ago

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A. ) Dear Sir,
The description given by you is so lengthy, please make it short and re-submit, as experts have no time to spare as this is free and charity work.

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