Q. Procedure of Final Report / Closure

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posted 2 months ago

Q.Procedure of Final Report / Closure

What is the detailed procedure of FR/closure report in IPC 376, 315 when already NBW have been issued by Court.
The complainant has already withdrawn the case and has no issues with FR now.
Police is also working for FR, so what is the procedure like step by step, like file goes from PS to ACP - DCP etc and how long does the time takes ?

Please advise.

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Mangesh Yeole

Experience: 4 Year(s)

Responded 2 months ago

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A. ) Dear Sir
First of all you need apply for Cancelltion of Warrant before Court with one or more surety for taking regular bail. IPC 376 is not compoundeable offence due to this police has duty bound to file charge sheet againt accused. Thereafter accused need to face trail for said offence. We can't predict time limit for trail.

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