Q. Cheating by a travel company - refund cheque dishonoured

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posted 7 months ago

Q.Cheating by a travel company - refund cheque dishonoured
Recently I booked a travel - trip with HPHT (Himachal Pradesh Helpline Tourism) a licensed tour operator and general sales agent of Himachal Pradesh Tourism Dev. Corporation at their Branch Office in Kolkata as per the tour programme and rate sent by them to me via e-mail.
The proposed tour was Chandigarh Manali Leh trip for 9 days with 96000 package for my 4 family members (24000×4). According to their condition I paid 50% of the amount in advance - 10000 in cash and 38000 via credit card. As Manali Leh highway was uncertain to open till 1st week of June (my proposed trip was to start at the beginning of 2nd week) they cancelled the trip and called me three days before trip and took away the receipts of 10000 and 38000 and handed me a post dated (dated 19.6.19) return cheque of full amount i.e.48000 signed by the proprietor and But after presenting the cheque on 19.6.19 it got dishonoured due to insufficient fund. Now the so called CEO and proprietor is not receiving my phone call and not giving any positive indication of refunding Rs.48000.00. Meanwhile my service has been transferred to Rajasthan , and they are taking advantage of the situation. Cheque dishonour instruments including the said cheque, e-mailed tour packages, credit card transaction for Rs.38000 fvg. the said company and some voice records of conversation with company staffs are the only documents I have with me now.
Kindly suggest what to do to get back my money i.e.Rs.48000 against cancelled trip and this cheat CEO gets punished.

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Shreyash Mohta

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Responded 7 months ago

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A. ) Send him a legal notice to the above effect and in case of non compliance, you can proceed by a case u/s 138 NI Act for dishonor of cheque.

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