Q. Ownership of property

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posted 6 months ago

Q.Ownership of property
Dear Sir,

In in -laws died 6 years back who had 6 Daughters. One of the Daughter Died 3 years back.
The present house with land included total 7000 Sq feet.
After death of my in laws and one of the daughter , balance all sisters - (5 nos )and my mother in laws has transferred properly on their ( total 6 members in property papers now monther in - law and 5 sister) .
Name of the Daughter who is died was legally excluded from these papers.
Now i have following questions.
1. Can husband of the died Daughter can claim on the property even though his wife's name is not in the list.
2. How to avoid him claiming the same as he is notorious person and may trouble my mother in law and all 5 live daughter (one of which is my wife).
3. what are the legal documentation required to avoid such case in future.

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Kishan Dutt Kalaskar Retired Judge

Experience: 34 Year(s)

Responded 6 months ago

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A. ) Dear Sir/Madam,
Let him go to the court and partition suit goes for years. Just protest.

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