Q. Regarding Hindu succession Act 2005

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posted 6 months ago

Q.Regarding Hindu succession Act 2005
Dear sir. I have few doubts regarding the hindu succession act 2005. Hope to get a clear reply from your side. My father bought land and constructed a house in 1973. I got married in 1978. He passed away in January 2005 without any will. My mother passed away in sept 2014. We are 3 brothers and 2 sisters. Now in March 2019 my brothers sold the house with land and distributed between themselves (brothers only). My husband sent them a WhatsApp msg asking them for the share. After a few months we will sit and decide - this was the reply we got from my brother. Now, 1. Can I legally claim in that share of the property? 2. If Yes, how do I proceed further? 3. Do my brothers have the right to dismiss my claim?

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Suneel Moudgil

Experience: 16 Year(s)

Responded 6 months ago

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A. ) 1. yes, you can claim legally,
2. file a suit for partition of the property making claim for your share,
3. no, they cannot dismiss your claim,
call for further clarifications, if any

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