Q. Access to water tank issue

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Binish Kumar sharma

posted 5 months ago

Q.Access to water tank issue
Hi, I ought a ground floor iand there are 3floor in that building second floor owner have roof right I want to ask to look our water tank am I eligible . Second he has locked the door of jheena. And in our registry it is written that can go and check water tank. The 2nd floor owner told to us that old bring key and access when it required. So for this I have to ask everyone for access. So is there other way out so that we have right to access without ask them.

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Sanjay Kumar Jha

Experience: 18 Year(s)

Responded 5 months ago

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A. ) Yes, you should have right to access and check the Tank on top floor. If there is co-operative society of flats then ask to secretary, if not every flat owner should have right to access. Your registration paper should declare for access and maintenances.

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