Q. Issues of stray dogs

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posted 6 months ago

Q.Issues of stray dogs
With due respect, I am the residents of Delhi want your full concentration on the issue of Stray Dogs increasingly day by day in our society.
My parents purchase this house on 15th December 2017. At that time there was only two stray dogs live in our society and before that these stray dogs were live outside of that society and but few of our RWA members took those two stray dogs and kept them inside and to feed them inside the small society. Two of the RWA member feed them on a regular basis in front of their flat. The RWA members have the responsibility of giving them proper vaccination as well as did the sterilization process which they did not do. According to Animal birth control act, “Who so ever is responsible for feeding the stray dogs should have the responsibility of providing them proper vaccination as well as sterilization process” When we started to live in this society we also adjusted with those two stray dogs. Sometimes my family also keep feeding them in front of our flat.
Before few months ago, there was a black dog who live outside of our society. At that time I didn’t know that the dog was pregnant and can anytime give the birth. But after someday I found that the black dog was roaming inside of our society which is not good. Then I told the guard to keep the dog outside the resident premises. He did that part of doing his job. After some days I again found that the stay dog was inside of our premises and this time when my parents went to complaint to the RWA president of Aastha apartment, PKT-1, her reply was like “She Didn’t know that who brought these stray dogs inside of our premises”. Then few days ago our resident workers told us that the stay dogs was bought by the secretary’s family . At that time the black dog gave birth to almost 10 puppies. Time to time the RWA members feed those dogs which is good as well as bad because they did not provide vaccination to those stray dogs.
After that when I tried to protest against the stray dogs few of our RWA member tried to stop me and told me stop doing this else they tried to threaten me and family as well and they told me that “if you threaten the stay dog we will take you to the jail as well “this was said by the RWA member. These stray dogs create huge nuisance and they even tried to bite me and my parents as well as other society members also. Other society members complain against those stray dogs but neither president is listening nor secretary. Those Stray dogs (puppies) were now 8 or 9 months old which is even getting more worse for the residents because every time if any new people enter in the society or even any children enters, those puppies tried to cover them and bark at them and at the result children or people afraid from them and started shouting in the society. This happens many this in our society.
As an educated post graduate final year student I wish to add my views on stray dogs:
My personal views on stray dogs is “I also love stray dogs and even I feed them as I could not do much for stray dogs because I am still unemployed but this does not mean that you do not give them proper vaccination. If someone is feeding any stay animal, they should have the moral responsibility to timely give vaccination and take them to the sterilization process. Every person should have a moral responsibility that feeding them is not only the solution every person should took those stray dogs to the nearest animal care centre or NGO’s where they provide better food , time to time vaccination and even they can go for any adoption centre where they get a better life and a better family also ”.

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Manjula Shanmugasundaram

Experience: 19 Year(s)

Responded 6 months ago

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A. ) Please try and collect proof for purchase of the dogs. If really someone purchased them and then left them on the streets, you can take action against such purchaser.

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