Q. Educational loan details

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Karan Manivannan

posted 6 months ago

Q.Educational loan details
Sir i applied a educational loan in 09.08.2019 for my MBA through vidyalakshmi portal online in SBI Bank orathanadu branch and i get a hard copy of application and collect require documents physically go to the bank but the bank manager reject my loan beacause of my mother is a coapplicant for me her cibil score is 667 so high risk cibil score of my mother affected my loan .sir u have a doubt CIBIL score is mandatory for educational loan. And can i take any legal activities against manager

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Manjula Shanmugasundaram

Experience: 19 Year(s)

Responded 6 months ago

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A. ) You can not actually take action against manager for this personally. If there is something wrong with the cibil records you can get that corrected.

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