Q. Proving ownership of flat

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Badrinarayanan G

posted 6 days ago

Q.Proving ownership of flat
My flat was bought in year 2003 and only the UDS was registered in the sale deed. As the flat was bought after handing over of the apartment, no allotment letter was given. Construction agreement was also not there. The flat number C3 doesnt find a mention in the sale deed or any other records. However, property tax receipt and Electricity Bill have the flat name and number C3 mentioned and my name figures. When I applied for bank loan, legal opinion team raised a query regarding the mention of my name with reference to the flat number C3 (3rd floor, door number C). Now I am unable to locate the builder and ask him to furnish me with the allotment letter or construction agreement due to long gap. How to establish my ownership of this flat to the legal opinion team? Please give me a way out.

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Kishan Dutt Kalaskar Retired Judge

Experience: 33 Year(s)

Responded 5 days ago

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A. ) Dear Sir,
You may file a suit in Court and it will be decreed in your favour exparte.

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Rameshwar Dadhe

Experience: 2 Year(s)

Responded 6 days ago

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A. ) You will need to make application before sub registrar office for correction Deed

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