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posted 1 week ago
how 2 prove my younger brother is trying 2 defraud us 3 sisters.My dad left us on Aug 2019 for his heavnly abode (intestate).He was 90.He left behind properties,few deposits 2 my mom( 85 years) n nominatd my eldr bro (65 yrs).I am now informed by a reliable source 2 whom my mom confided she was made 2 sign papers by my younger bro under sme pretext,tking away all hr deposits 2 put it in his wife n daughter's name (My mom came 2 know later),inspite of our written instructions 2 them to utilise her money for her upkeep n med exps 2 which they had agreed .My younger brother (LLM) is demanding all hr gold too n mom has refused. We sisters hd helped 2 log each item in wt thru jeweller n were nearly labelled as thieves by dis 2 catch him red handed. He wants 2 usurp my mom's gold ,money etc 2 tell us later tat she hs trnsfrrd d same under hr free will n sanity, so tat we cannot do anything if she dies I suspect my bro hs done d same 2 my dad too!can we probate too?how

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Kishan Dutt Kalaskar Retired Judge

Experience: 33 Year(s)

Responded 1 week ago

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A. ) Dear Sir/Madam,
You may immediately take legal action by filing partition suit and criminal complaint if necessary.

Please take PAID phone call with me through VIDHIKARYA and get more legal guidance.

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