Q. Partition deed

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Vicky Mehra

posted 1 month ago

Q.Partition deed
It's an ancestral property and we are 5 co owners which includes our mother and 4 brother's. Mother is releasing her share for consideration equally payable by us 4 brother's in our favour. After that we are entering into a partition deed in which it will be agreed that my 3 brother's will be getting an individual floor in their name and I will be getting an unbuilt terrace top and some consideration. My brother's will be paying me some money at the time of registration of partition deed and for the balance amount they will give me Pdcs whose details they say will be entered into a M.O.U which they'll be making separately. My doubt is what incase if any Pdcs of their bounces or they refuse to honour it , how can I safeguard myself please help.

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J S Pawar

Experience: 4 Year(s)

Responded 4 weeks ago

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A. ) Even if cheque bounced the arrangement so you entered between yourselves can be revoked and criminal action can also be initiated for such bouncing if cheques us 138 of Negotiable Instruments act.

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Kishan Dutt Kalaskar Retired Judge

Experience: 34 Year(s)

Responded 1 month ago

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A. ) Dear Sir,
Get settlement deed registered to avoid future complications.

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