Q. plz help me regarding my case...

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posted 5 days ago

Q.plz help me regarding my case...
Husband filed divorce on cruelty. During counseling, He told that he will return my stridhan iff I agreed for MCD & before signing papers he will bring my stridhan in mediation center for verification. He also told me that he had kept my stridhan in someone else home whom I don’t know. I have only photos & bills of my stridhan, however I don’t have any proof that my stridhan is lying under his possession. My lawyer asked me to file 406 cases against him & to get search warrant to recover my stridhan. But even if I get search warrant, Police won’t be able to find anything in his home as he has already moved my stridhan in another person’s home.

Is it possible to get a search warrant to seize my stridhan from the premises of the mediation center of court at the time my husband brings it there for verification purpose? If yes, what steps should I take so that the Court won’t give any prior notice or summon to my husband about the search warrant else he won't bring it in mediation center?

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