Q. Student abusing other students

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Dudu Joseph

posted 4 days ago

Q.Student abusing other students
One of the students in a school that one of my relatives are teaching is beating and hurting other students. He has in the past kicked a girl in the gut too. He has been scolded and punished by school authorities after that. But now he is claiming that teachers had beaten him and is threatening school authorities with complaints. We had this discussion over dinner yesterday and my relatives the teacher there was claiming that the school can't even suspemd or dismiss the boy if he continues to hurt other students. Now this came as shocking to me, because a 5th grader is so shamelessly kicking girls when he is just 10 years old and couldn't comprehend what he may do when he turns 20 or 30. As such, I wanted to know if theres's anything the school can do to correct children like these.

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