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Civil Lawyers in Vadodara

When there is a legal trouble which is not covered under the criminal laws, civil advocates in Vadodara have to take up the charge. Nyay Mandir, Lai Court and Fast Track Court are the civil court complexes where the Appellate Courts, Courts of Senior Civil Judges, Courts of Small Causes and Courts of Judicial Magistrate First Class in Vadodara are housed. These are the workplaces for Vadodara civil advocates. One may find a list of lawyer for civil case in Vadodara on this page. Vadodara advocates deal with a variety of matters in and off the courts when consultation is sought for by the clients. It is important for clients to know the civil lawyer fees in Vadodara before finalising things during the discussion. For basic understanding, major kinds of matters dealt with by the lawyers for civil case in Vadodara have been explained below.


Types of Civil Advocates in Vadodara

  • Civil Lawyers in Vadodara for Property Matters - Property disputes is the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions a civil lawyer. The tasks for lawyers for property in Vadodara cover the documentation, disputes, verification, Will, etc.
  • Civil Advocate in Vadodara for Writs - For matters to enforce constitutional rights of a person, Writ lawyer in Vadodara helps out with the legal procedure.
  • Advocate for Civil Case in Vadodara for Consumers - We are all consumers in our day-to-day lives and disputes keep arising due to failure of someone’s duty from manufacturing to sales processes. Lawyer for consumer protection in Vadodara help out with representation of clients before the consumer forums.


Questions for Civil Lawyers in Vadodara


Q- How to find a civil advocate near me in Vadodara?

A- One may find civil lawyers in Vadodara through friends or acquaintances. Vidhikarya civil advocates in Vadodara deal with a variety of matters since the civil law domain is too wide. After availing the civil lawyer in Vadodara contact number, one should get a consultation session scheduled with the professional. After having an in-depth discussion, one should decide on hiring the expert lawyer for civil cases in Vadodara.


Q- What is civil lawyer fees in Vadodara?

A- There is no fixed number for the amount charged by a civil advocate near me or anywhere. It may depend upon how difficult it is going to be to represent in the court and convince the judge in favour of the client. The experience and success rate of lawyer for civil case in Vadodara also adds to the civil lawyer fees in Vadodara.


Q- Where do civil case matters go in Vadodara district?

A- Civil matters reach the Courts of Small Causes, Senior Civil Judges and finally the Appellate Courts. Jurisdiction of courts as to which court takes up a certain matter is decided by the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908. If I am confused about the court in which a particular matter will be heard, a civil advocate near me in Vadodara can help understand in this regard apart from dealing with the same.


Q- Where can I find the Vadodara district court advocate list?

A- One may visit the Vadodara page of District e-courts website at The district court list for advocates in Vadodara is available there in the form of pdf. The Vadodara advocate list contains names of all the lawyers in Vadodara registered with the District Bar Council of Vadodara.

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