Divorce Lawyers
Divorce Lawyers

Divorce Lawyers in Chennai

Lawyers work on specialized fields. If you are in search for divorce lawyers in Chennai, you must look for Lawyer who can understand your requirement and well versed with the Laws to guide you properly on your matter. There are many factors which can impact your divorce. Expert divorce lawyers in Chennai are the right person to connect who can explain the procedure of divorce to you.

Procedure to File Divorce Case

First of all, look for a divorce lawyer in Chennai and get a good petition drafted. File the petition the District Court or the Family Court and follow the procedure as per the court.

In case of Mutual Consent Divorce, File the joint petition together and appear jointly Infront of the judge and follow the motion.

Child Custody in Divorce

Child custody is a tricky issue in case of divorce and court takes it very seriously. Lot of factors are taken into consideration before deciding who should be getting the custody of the child.

Is Online divorce possible?

No there is possibility of online divorce but yes after the COVID-19 online filing of cases has started and thus in future there might be possibility.

There can be different grounds to appeal for divorce – They can be Adultery, Violence, Cruelty, Impotency etc When you discuss with your lawyer, lawyer can understand your need and suggest ho to file the petition for your divorce.

General Guidelines

Basically, a marriage can be said broken when two parties, husband and wife, decide not to stay together as spouses. The system allows them to either completely dissolve the marriage or put it into a suspended animation.

This gave rise to two legal concepts in dissolution of marriage which are Judicial Separation and Divorce.

You can connect with expert divorce lawyers in Chennai and discuss with the options of filing your matter online. An expert lawyer in Chennai will explain you step by step how to proceed.



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Advocate Meenakshi Periyahkaruppan Best Divorce and separation Lawyer in Chennai

Meenakshi Periyahkaruppan


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Advocate Satish Kumar Best Divorce and separation Lawyer in Chennai

Satish Kumar


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  • Divorce
Advocate ADVOCATE ASSOCIATES Best Divorce and separation Lawyer in Chennai



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