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Frequently Asked Questions

Asked Questions

1. What is Vidhikarya and how does it help me?

Answer: Vidhikarya is a social and commercial venture which provides a platform to people to connect with the lawyer(s) and seek legal services and advices with ease.

2. Does Vidhikarya Charge anything from the Clients?

Answer: No, Vidhikarya does not charge anything form the Clients. Clients can post their legal requirement for free and get Lawyer’s advice and online legal help from the Advocates. Client pays only the Lawyer’s fee.

3. Can I get services as per my time schedule?

Answer: Absolutely yes! You can post and seek the services as per your time and availability. Vidhikarya provides you a workbench to manage your request and work as per your need.

4. Does Vidhikarya provide the legal services like a lawyer?

Answer: No Vidhikarya does not provide legal services only the lawyers registered with Vidhikarya provide the legal services.

5. Who are the registered lawyers?

Answer: They are independent lawyers who have been practicing in their respective area of expertise and location.

6. Does Vidhikarya regulate the work and services offered by a lawyer?

Answer: Vidhikarya does not regulate the quality of work or services provided by lawyers but it does have a mechanism to rate the lawyers based on the clients’ feedback.

7. How the privacy of a client is maintained while offering the services?

Answer: In general lawyers are bound by their professional ethics to maintain the confidentiality of their clients. In addition, they also sign a Confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement with Vidhikarya. Rest assured your privacy is well maintained.

8. Can I complain to Vidhikarya about a lawyer’s services?

Answer: Yes, you can do so and on proper verification and outcome, a lawyer’s rating can be upgraded or downgraded based on the client’s feedback. If the Lawyer or his/her service is found to be, as per the complaint, against the standards of profession then that lawyer will be blacklisted on the site and will not be allowed to login.

9. Is Vidhikarya services available all the time, 24x7?

Answer: Yes, Vidhikarya is available 24x7. It is an online platform to get your legal matter resolved. A lawyer’s availability is dependent on individual lawyer.

10. Can a lawyer complain against a client?

Answer: Yes, a lawyer can also complain against a client. Vidhikarya will assist in reasonable manner to get the issues sorted out.

11. How do I know if the lawyer is genuine?

Answer: All the registered lawyers provide their educational and certificate of practice, as applicable. We also have a process to verify the credentials of a lawyer.

12. How can I engage a lawyer?

Answer: The system and platform helps you to do that with minimum effort from your side.

13. How do I know that the lawyer I found is good for my legal need?

Answer: We provide the maximum possible information about a lawyer along with our ratings. All those information like education, experience, area of expertise, fee, rating etc. will help you chose al good lawyer for you.

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