Threatening by wufe Threatening by wufe

My wife is wasting my money, she never give me explanation about expenses ND threatens me if I will not give her money she will file a DV Case on me.

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A. It is the matter of social life, as marriage is lifetime relation so try to make cordial relation. I don't know what is the reason, but what ever is there that should be resolved in house. You may call your family member to mediate the matter in positive way. I have experience of about 32 years of practice, it is seen that court is not the proper way in family matters. It will take your time, your money, your relations and will give you tension. It is not so easy to settle the family disput ...ReadMore

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Manoj Kumar  Welegal services

Manoj Kumar Welegal services

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Suneel Moudgil

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Ayantika Mondal @ Prime Legal