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Bharath kumar N K

Dear Madam/ Sir, I got arranged marriage on June 20, 2018. My father had spoken everything that he is having good status & assets to lead a life. By seeing our home they agreed to fix the marriage.

Posted 1 year ago

A. What she mentioned in complaint to police station. many people make mistake there. From your words, i can make a guess that it was not very strong or serious FIR so it is good for you.

if she doesnt want to live with you or want to live for property only then what you want ?
she can not get property.

Hope this clarifies,
Advocate Ankur Goel
(Complete Law Shield) #YourLifeYourChoice
Note - This is just a small advice and final advice can be given only after going through your case in detail .
Ankur Goel @ Complete Law Shield
Ankur Goel @ Complete Law Shield
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