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I am landlord i have rented a house rent is pending 7 lacs(previous balance) and jan2020 to april 2020 rent is pending.i am addding interest @2 % for every 3 months . .when i ask rent if they have m

Posted 1 year ago

A. Hi
it appears that the tenant is intentionally not paying you the rents(the accrued outstanding of Rs7Lakhs plus non payment of rents from January 2020) is a clear signal that the tenant is contemplating litigation.
You should immediately issue an eviction notice granting 1 month time for vacating the premises and if the tenant refuses to vacate, you should file an eviction petition in the court immediately.
Please note that you should also file an interlocutory application asking the tenant ...ReadMore

vijay s

I am landlord i have rented a shop commercial April and May month rent due to lockdown shop is closed .so my point whether shop is open or not open the shop they should give rent.since lockdown is goi

Posted 1 year ago

The tenant is liable to pay rent even during lock down period and tenant cannot claim any privilege such as force majeure or lock down in support of him not paying the rent.
So, as a land lord, you can claim the rent in full from the tenant during the lock down as well. So the position of law is that the tenant is liable to pay the rents to the land lord under the present lock down circumstances as well.

Now the question of land lord discussing on rent with tenant is purely a commercial o ...ReadMore
Hello. I live in NCR and was supposed to relocate to Mumbai from April 1st, 2020. Therefore, I finalized a residential property and got into an agreement at the end of February with the landlord. I pa

Posted 1 year ago

A. Hi You can claim return of security deposit given the fact that
1) You have not taken possession of the property as the lease was to commence from April1, 2020.
2) The security deposit is refundable as you have entered possession of the building and
3) The six month lock in period will not be applicable in your case.

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