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Ashok Kumar Ravi

BSNL has sent me Lok Adalat notification just before the date of attendance before lok adalat. I didn't notice the date and didn't attend it. But I would like to attend and present my case. Will there

Posted 2 months ago

A. Hi,
The chance of a second date depends upon the order which was made by Lok Adalat. In case that case is closed by a final order, there is no second chance. Please contact a lawyer for further advice.
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Thank You

Sangeeth Kumar

Hi Team, We are living in the house which shared common wall on one side, Neighborhood house installed Mobile tower around 5 years ago,At that time of installation we object,But neighborhood doesn't l

Posted 10 months ago

A. Hi,
You can approach the police station and file a complaint against the same.
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Are the permissions of Public Welfare Association required to install a mobile tower in an area ?

Posted 11 months ago

A. Hi,
Yes, it is required, mobile towers produce harmful radiation which can be detrimental to public health. In addition, you will need to obtain permissions from the local developmental and electronic communication authorities.


Sir, My father was deceased in 2016 due to an accident. He was a BSNL (Tamil Nadu) employee .We consult a advocate for getting job ,they advise me to file a complaint to all designation of BSNL depa

Posted 1 year ago

A. Dear Sir,
Please check about the limitation because most of the states say that such claim to be made within 12 months of death. To condone the delay you may approach High Court.

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How could we be compensated for losses when tower co already directed the lady landlord to pay me a good part of monthly rentals being received by her from tower co vide letter 08/07/2011 ,left no s

Posted 1 year ago

A. Hello,
You can send them a legal notice for their action
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