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Sir, I am with a relationship from 8 years with a girl. I am a Government Employee ang My GF completes studying but yet get a job. But she is short-tempered, very control freak and very sceptical.

Posted 2 months ago

A. Hi,
It is better to lodge a police complaint as otherwise, you will be in trouble if she did something like that. You can register a complaint under section 506 of IPC.
Please rate my answer if helpful
Thank You
There are new neighbours in our residence who have made grooving in our common wall, that is, they have made a kitchen on our common wall, and we are presuming they have used a portion of our common w

Posted 5 months ago

A. Hi,
Your neighbors are causing nuisance and you can file a case to get the appropriate remedy.
Ayantika Mondal @ Prime Legal
Ayantika Mondal @ Prime Legal
Ankur Goel @ Complete Law Shield
Ankur Goel @ Complete Law Shield
There is a new house constructed on the adjacent of my house. They have covered all of their back area, and have constructed the kitchen against our bedroom wall. Now, the issue is, that there are ten

Posted 5 months ago

A. Dear Sir,
You may approach different forums and also media.
There are tenants living in my adjacent house who make significant noises of using kitchen (mortar & pestle, throwing away utensils, beating the walls, loud arguing at night, shutting iron doors loudl

Posted 6 months ago

A. Your issue can be only solved by mutual understanding with your neighbours and if not than you will have to approach house owner and insist him to ask his tenants to vacate the premises if they not mending their ways. However if that doesn't work you may file a police complaint or NC against your neighbour but usually in such matters there is no arrest and it would also make things more difficult for you. Therefore best way is to approach owner and have a word with him to explain his tenants to ...ReadMore
Nishant  Singh
Nishant Singh
Sankalp  Malik
Sankalp Malik
Suneel  Moudgil
Suneel Moudgil
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