what if my father owns residential area greater than 1000sq.feet but i have elder brothers too who are married and my father distribute the land among us after that i got less than 1000sq.feet residen

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Posted 1 year ago

A. Dear Sir,
You have to comply the conditions otherwise you will be in trouble in future.

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Please guide me in this quest to pursue law. Please guide me in this quest to pursue law.

Hello there. I m Rathna Puneeth from India and I am currently a student in 10th grade. An interest to become a lawyer piqued me ever since I was 10 and I wish to pursue law and become a criminal Lawye

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Posted 2 years ago

A. Hello Rathna.
First of all I would like to congratulate you on the thought of studying law and deciding on the same at such a young age.
It is very commendable. Many of us do mistakes while pursuing our dreams of being a good lawyer and a mentor ship is required. If you want you can feel free to talk to me and I shall try to help you as much as I can.
Perhaps having such conversation will give you better insight about the same.
You can consult me through Vidhikarya.
Thanks in advance.