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Q.Legal Drafting

Q. Legal Drafting

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posted 1 year ago

Dear sir, How Can I become a good legal expert in legal drafting? Is their any coaching centres or diploma course to learn drafting skills.? I'm a 2nd year law student of 3YDC in hyderabad. Plz suggest me the ways to achieve excellence in drafting. We have a subject called drafting in final year but suggest other methods to learn .

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A. Dear Sir,
Daily attend a senior advocate office ant take dictation of various plaints, interim applications, bail applications etc.


Kishan Dutt Kalaskar Retired Judge

Experience: 33 Year(s)

Responded 1 year ago

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A. Dear Student,
For having a good command over drafting skills you would need to have the following;
1. Language : Regardless of what you do language is very important tool to excel in professional life. You should try to enhance your vocabulary as much as possible. Remember the words are like pearls and sentence is like a necklace, hence the more beads or pearls you have the beautiful the necklace will be. To increase your vocabulary you should have a Dictionary as your companion. It sound otherwise but look at the dictionary even when there is no need. Scan through the new words, get to know their meanings etc. You can also try a book called " word power made easy". This will help you to enhance your word and vocabulary.

2. Understanding the purpose of Drafting: You must know the reason for drafting and what is the outcome sought from it. When you are aware and realize the outcome of the document your thought and writing will automatically flow towards it. For example when you are drafting Divorce Petition the facts will be more important than your knowledge of law. So in this case avoid writing lot about the legal provisions but about the situation and how the judgement will be able to help the petitioner. When you are drafting a sale deed then remember the information of the property to the minutest detail is more important than your language.

3. Drafting and Conveyancing Book: There reference books on drafting and conveyancing available in the market. Pick up one of them and keep referring to it.

4. Internship: You must start the internship as early as possible and request your mentor to give you drafting work. Remember "Practice maketh a man perfect"

5. Be bold and shy less: Everyone commits mistake and even the seasoned lawyers. So. don't feel bad and hold yourself back due to fear of committing mistakes. Look at the mistakes and study carefully so that you don't repeat the same one.

All the best.


Abhimanyu Shandilya

Experience: 14 Year(s)

Responded 1 year ago

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