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Adv Ashish Fule

High Court Advocate
Nagpur , Maharashtra


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Adv Ashish Fule is indian Lawyer based in Nagpur has specialised knowledge of Registration of Political Party and their compliances . He has registered more than 50 Political Parties In India and various states having its command on Representation of Peoples Act 1950 & 1951 . View Full Profile
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  • What is Outsourcing Agreement?
  • What Laws are enforceable in Outsourcing Agreement?
  • Why Outsourcing Agreement is necessary?
  • Is Indian Penal Code Applicable if the other party is deviating from the Agreement?
  • Does Indian Contract Act. 1872 Govern outsourcing Agreement?

Capacities which don't identify with the centre skill of a business, are not cost-efficient if performed by the association itself, or are work intensive are regularly outsourced to less expensive organizations which perform them more cost-successfully. Outsourcing is particularly basic in the data innovation division and fund segment. For instance, client benefit, office administration and back-end forms are regularly depended to an outside seller.

What is Outsourcing Agreement & Necessity for Outsourcing Agreement.

Outsourcing Agreement is the Agreement where some or certain part of a Company’s work is handed over to some other company or person for handling such operation. The other person or company to whom such operation or work is handed over is not an employee or sister concern of the company who has outsourced the such work to such company. Now, in order to bind or to create a mutual trust, understanding, Liabilities and monetary aspects between the two companies or we can say between the outsourcer and Outsource such Agreement or Document is necessary.

Which Laws are Applicable to Outsourcing Agreement?

The Laws applicable are Indian Contract Act,1872 which binds the Outsourcer and Outsource into a binding of an Agreement, The Information Technology Act,2000 which comes into picture when such agreement is regarding Software Technology or if there is any software related work which must not be divulged before any outside party for risk of hampering of Business. Intellectual Property Laws in case of Piracy or Copyright related works. Telecommunication Laws in case of Telecommunication Outsourcing, in case of Financial Transactions or related work Outsourced the RBI guidelines, FEMA comes into picture.

Also the Indian Penal Code is applicable in case of Fraud or any act committed which is against the laws of Indian Territory.

What must be Looked into while getting into or making Outsourcing Agreement?

  • Observing the privileges of the customer.
  • The review privileges of the customer.
  • An agreement end provision determining the efficient giving over of information and resources et cetera.
  • Information security issues must be plainly tended to, including the marking of a non-divulgence understanding.
  • Sub-contractual worker issues. In the event that the customer means to hold general control over the exchange, at that point the engagement of any sub-temporary worker by the provider must be liable to the customer's endorsement.
  • The classification of the customer's information must be enough tended to.
  • The responsibility for property rights.
  • A certification or repayment from the provider towards its dedication, including obligation for any disappointment.
  • Possibility arranging of the provider to give business congruity to the outsourced game plans that are material.
  • Adherence by the provider to the customer's inner set of accepted rules (which is a noteworthy issue on account of extensive multinational organizations).
  • The terms on selectiveness ought to be cleared up and assessed against the scenery of the Indian Contract Act (ICA) and the Competition Act.
  • Obligations and commitments at rupture and upon end.

What are the Major Types Of Outsourcing?

The major types of outsourcing agencies are Business Process Outsourcing, Knowledge Process Outsourcing, Legal Process Outsourcing, Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Engineering Process Outsourcing, etc.

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