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Adoption Hitches

Avik Chakravorty
Adoption Hitches
This blog discusses the bottlenecks to adoption and how they can be overcome.

Adoption these days is no big deal as the adopted child hardly ever wants to know who his /her biological parents is. It’s an agonizingly trying time during this period of life which is most crucial for any adoptive parent. However, the fact of the matter is that numerous issues crop up in the tender child’s mind as and when they realize that they are adopted.  

Although an adopted child has the right to tracing one’s own identity and look for his/her birth parents once the child is 18 years old, the burning question though is whether he/she would be elated after tracing them.

The other questions at the forefront are whether one would easily accept one’s birth parents and deny the affection of foster parents. The child may feel guilty which in turn may lead to grief which may be evident in the child’s entire life further resulting in the child falling prey to emotional trauma and being mentally unstable knowingly or unknowingly. This leads to the burning question of whether or not these hardships and pain areas can be alleviated or even avoided. 

While adoption is regarded as a noble cause of a lease of life to deprived kids who are lonely; there are umpteen cases of legally adopted young kids being misused and abused by self-serving antisocial elements once the kids are under their control. The adoption process in India is far more complicated with several laws, rules, and regulations for parents in regards to their age, which should not cross 55, but unfortunately there is no age criteria alluded to anywhere for children.

As children’s rights are a hot topic of discussion, it only makes sense and is right to be able to think to form a child’s viewpoint and fix an age over 5 in order for the child to choose which adoptive parent the child wants to live with. Needless to mention the child would be absolutely aware from the very beginning that the child’s parents are adoptive parents and not birth parents.

There cannot be any room for confusion to arise as parents cannot fake the identity of their kids with fake stories nor look for ways to ensure that facts are hidden, rather they can speak to the kids freely and frankly devoid of guilt, with the same feelings and warmth towards their kids remaining intact.

Children would also understand how valuable adoption is as well, and would be full of gratitude for their foster parents and would hopefully have a great future being aware of the reality as there will hardly be any embarrassing situations to deal with in public. Even if they happen to know or meet their birth parents there won’t be any major concerns of both sides rejecting.

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