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Advice for Women who get Divorced

Being a woman, emotions run high. Emotions have to be put aside though when dealing with divorce and one has to think logically one step at a time about what may be the cost from a financial, social and legal perspective.  

Get Acquainted – Most women, in India, in particular, view marriages as long-lasting. If one were to believe this, then it’s also true that husbands take care of or get involved in financial matters rather than the wife. In fact, wives are much relieved that their husbands are looking after financial matters. In other words, husbands are entrusted with financial matters. This financial dependence of wives on their husbands leads to financial insecurity when women get divorced. Therefore what wives need to do is get their facts in regards to finances right including income of one’s husband, tax-payments, loan installments, fixed deposits, credit balance and disposition, bank accounts and monthly bills.

Income apart – It’s a blunder ignoring marital properties and assets including jewelry, car, and insurance policies. All these assets effectively provide financial support while ascertaining alimony and child support. Wives ought to monitor their husband’s stocks and mutual funds investments. Nonetheless, Indian women aren’t aware of what their rights are and are oftentimes fooled by their scheming husbands. Indian women ought to track all the resources of their husbands and not have any feelings of guilt for spying.

Maintenance – While one is getting ready for divorce, and in the process, a lawyer is hired, it will burn a hole in the pocket quicker than one may realize. Although one’s family may be supportive, it’s always a good idea to inquire about the maintenance from the courts. In India, it's not  much about fulfilling the needs of a divorcing woman than it's about other aspects including the husband’s willingness to cooperate. Indian law nonetheless has provisions for the maintenance of Indian women while they may await divorce.

One’s contribution should be valued – Oftentimes women get emotionally as well as financially attached to their home as they get involved in the building of it. However, they may lose it all once one’s marriage is falling apart. According to Hindu law, women have the right to not part with items both moveable and immoveable, to herself even after the marriage has fallen apart.

Evidenced Communication – It's absolutely vital to ensure that any sort of communication written and unwritten such as letters and phone calls are recorded to present as evidence in a court of law strengthening one’s case against one’s husband. If any sort of threat or abuse is recorded through verbal and/or non-verbal communication then that would further strengthen a female spouse’s case against her male spouse. 

Indian women, however, typically are deeply respectful towards their husbands and their families and owing to the entrenched belief that dragging the family name in court would amount to slander on the honor of her husband’s family, oftentimes they refrain from resorting to taking appropriate retaliatory measures. Indian women ought to bear in mind that once divorced they would break all ties with her former husband’s family and therefore they ought to worry less about her ex-husband’s family and think more about starting a new life.  

Be Independent – The vast majority of Indian women quit their jobs once they get married; that is assuming they had a job prior to marriage. It could very well be that they did not pursue a career even before marriage, however, that is a highly unlikely occurrence these days.

There are also instances of women giving up their careers to cater to the needs of their husbands or society or family. As and when women are at crossroads they ought to reevaluate their options and opt for resuming their career by brushing up their talents and skills that one believes one can earn one’s bread. Working in addition to giving financial independence, which is a major advantage. Many doors would open as women start working as they can find a roof over their heads. Women ought to accept the financial support of their family temporarily if it's offered.

Oftentimes women are distraught at the thought of getting divorced and think more with their heart than their head. In other words, they fail to think rationally and rather tend to think emotionally. As an upshot, the impending or upcoming divorce is neglected and as a result, they are wholly unprepared until they are both financially and emotionally ruined. A divorce can be stressful as well as emotionally and financially taxing on any woman. Therefore ensuring that one has adequate financial support once divorced.

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