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Divorce at the drop of a hat and the numbers are staggering

Avik Chakravorty
Divorce at the drop of a hat and the numbers are staggering
In this blog what has been discussed is the alarming rate of divorce cases and the flimsy pretexts for filing a divorce.

Marriage is an institution that has been undergoing sweeping changes as couples united in matrimony have been continually redefining the concept of marriage. Society's way of dealing with marriage and its outcome has undergone changes in its entirety. As far back as only a decade ago marriage was held sacred and there weren't as many marriages heading for divorces as is the case these days. Its indeed a reality check for anyone with a conservative view of marriage that lasted ‘until death do us part’ to hear about marriages falling apart and at alarming rates. As much as the people with conservative viewpoints are scandalized by the sea change in the concept of marriage nonetheless keep mum for fear of stoking a contentious issue.  

Marriage’s purpose or intention is creating a bond among individuals and in turn among families and thereby create an even larger consortium of friends and family and, admittedly, to initiate the progeny perpetuating the name of the family along with the well-known values of the family. Laws define the validity of marriages and in the case of marriages falling apart, how the marriage can be annulled. There are many issues including child custody, visitation, property, and investments that further complicate matters as marriages turn sour and the fallout is a divorce.  

Undeniably, there has been a quantum leap in divorce rates and couples these days are increasingly inventive when it comes to the reasons for a divorce. Courts on their part are favoring newer leeway for decreeing a divorce aligning with societies' ever-changing requirements. Undoubtedly couples who do not see eye to eye or do not have any common ground at all, for such couples marriage causes discord and couples perhaps are better of calling it quits rather than trying to make the marriage work out. Simply because marriage is a contract or a sacrament, there is absolutely no reason for couples to remain married as the very spirit of the marriage has lost its credibility. Couples in such cases ought to split and move on.

 Matrimonial unpleasantness isn’t anything like commercial litigations, and oftentimes are the upshot of an extremely acrimonious bonding among couples and their families. Emotional complexities are the root causes of bitterness among couples. Two disgruntled individuals culminate in a divorce where both come from a position of rightness or in other words they claim they are right. Even family members who may mean no harm or unwittingly stoke the already raging fire without an inkling of what might be the larger key issue. It's unfortunate that India is yet to be well-equipped to provide professional mediation for a positive effect. In courts too, unfit people provide counseling.  Troubled marriages do not get a second chance as couples increasingly are unwilling to try and mend the fences so to speak as divorce is a fad these days.


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