Guidance to Effect Change of Name:

Vedant Lakhotia
In India, changing of name is a very common factor. It is an old standing custom to change the name of the ladies after marriage. Now a days guys have started voluntarily changing their names and it is gaining a lot of popularity. Many big celebs have also changed their names and the common people are walking on their footsteps. A guide to successfully complete the task is enumerated below:
  1. The first step is to create an affidavit. It is recommended that the same may be sworn in before the Judicial Magistrate of First Class. However, an affidavit sworn in before a Notary public is also valid.
  2. The next step is to make public announcement. An advertisement in newspapers is required to be given (One English and One Regional).
  3. The third and the last step in this process is the Gazette Notification. There are two types of Gazette in India. Thy are:
  4. State Gazette
  5. Central Gazette
  6. A gazette notification is the most important and the critical step in the entire process.
The name change process is officially complete once the Gazette notification is done. Since, the change of name is a vital thing, it is important to know the steps in details. The first step is “Affidavit”. An affidavit must contain the former details like the old name, address, occupation etc. It should contain the New name by which you want to be known further. It must contain the statement that “Both the persons are one and identical”. This statement clarifies that both the names are of the same person and not of different persons. The next step is “Advertisement”. It is the second step wherein the change of name is to be publicly announced. The same has to be given in two (2) newspapers. One is English and one Regional having nation-wide circulation. The last and the final step is the Gazette Publication. Once, the gazette publication is completed then you can state your new name everywhere. These three documents would be required in every step as they are the base documents for your new name. It is recommended that you keep these documents very securely. In some places/departments, you might be required to submit the original newspaper advertisements along with the Gazette publications. It is recommended to keep minimum 10 copies as a preventive measure. It is a myth that many people say that changing the name if unofficial or you could land up in trouble, whereas it is very much legal and official to change the name. Till the time of attaining majority, the parents can effect the change of name of their kids and after attaining majority, persons themselves can. The only difference would be in the name of the Applicant. In the former case, the parents would be doing that on behalf of their kids whereas in the latter stage, it would be carried out by one’s own self. Rest all the things almost remain the same.


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